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Birth Control


Just answer a few health questions on our online intake form and pay a $79 fee for your medical consult (which includes unlimited messaging with our medical team for a year).

Our pharmacy fills your prescription and sends a 3-month supply to your doorstep, fast and for free in discreet, unbranded packaging.

There's no need to remind us, we'll process your refills and send them to your door on schedule. You can still cancel anytime.

Birth Control Products



The most widely used birth control method, the pill is most effective when taken regularly, every day. Besides preventing pregnancy, the pill can improve acne, reduce symptoms of PMS, and help make periods more regular, less painful, and lighter in flow.



The patch is a thin adhesive worn on the body. The patch is replaced weekly. After 3 weeks, you take a 1 week break for your period.


The Ring

The most low maintenance birth control option, the ring is a small, flexible ring inserted into your vagina. The ring is worn for 3 weeks at a time. After 3 weeks, you take a 1 week break for your period before putting in a new ring.

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